Alf Lechner, German steel sculptor, 1925–2017

Alf Lechner, Sculpture Disturbances, 1971–1973. Courtesy Lechner Museum, Ingolstadt

The German sculptor Alf Lechner has died at the age of 91. He was best known for his monumental steel sculptures which manipulate steel, space, geometry, physics and architecture and often commented: ‘If it doesn’t show resistance, I’m not interested.’

Armin Zweite, art historian and former director of the Brandhorst Museum, Munich, spoke of the significance of Lechner’s oeuvre in an international context: ‘With his work (Lechner) manifests a position that connects him to Richard Serra, Donald Judd and Sol LeWitt. His work continues the dialogue between Europe and America.’ Lechner’s sculpture is currently in the collections of Nationalgalerie Berlin, Alte Pinakothek Munich, Städel Museum Frankfurt, Kunstsammlung K21 Düsseldorf, Lechner Museum in Ingolstadt and can also be found in the Sculpture Park in Obereichstätt.

16 March 2017