Anish Kapoor's controversial installation at Versailles vandalised

Anish Kapoor's Dirty Corner installation at Chateau de Versailles, 2015. Photo: Fabrice Seixas/Courtesy of Kapoor Studio, Kamel Mennour, and Lisson Gallery

The controversial installation by Anish Kapoor, which was recently unveiled at the Chateau de Versailles, has been vandalised with yellow spray paint on Wednesday, Le Figaro reports. Titled Dirty Corner, the work was soon renamed ‘The Queen’s Vagina’, after the British Indian artist compared his sculpture to a women’s womb, causing a strong reaction from the local community. The sculpture is now being cleaned. 

In his interview with the French newspaper, Kapoor deplored the increasing intolerance observed in the country, which, he says, reaches beyond art and into the political realm. 

18 June 2015.