Ed Moses 1926–2018

From the Rose Drawing series. Ed Moses, 1926–2018

Los Angeles painter Ed Moses has died aged 91. One of the founding members of the ‘Cool School’ group of artists (founded in the 1950s), Moses worked alongside Ed Ruscha, Robert Irwin, Larry Bell, Edward Kienholz, John Altoon, Ken Price and Billy Al Bengston, and is considered to be a key figure in the development of the postwar West Coast art scene. From the mid-1950s Moses began to work on his Rose Drawings series, developing his focus on surface and process and his ideas on non-objective art and process. In 1958, having studied art at UCLA, Moses held his graduation show and first exhibition at the newly opened Ferus Gallery; a decade later, he joined the art faculty at the new University of California campus at Irvine. In 1971 Moses began experimenting with resin, which led a sell-out show at LA gallery Riko Mizuno. Shortly after, he was given his first largescale commission by the Walker Museum in Minneapolis. Moses received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1980. In 1996, Moses’s work was presented in a retrospective exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. 

19 January 2018