Shepard Fairey creates Inauguration Day protest posters

Shepard Fairey poster for the Amplifier Foundation's 'We The People' campaign, 2017.

Today will mark the inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the US and in the spirit of presenting a united front, Amplifier Foundation have bought a full-page advertising space in The Washington Post for a series of protest posters by artist Shepard Fairey (who created the iconic Obama ‘HOPE’ poster in 2008), Ernesto Yerena and Jessica Sabogal.

The non-profit organisation began a Kickstarter initiative to raise money for the ‘We The People’ campaign, which aims to promote solidarity with and give voice to ethnic and gender minorities; to date, Amplifier Foundation has raised $1.3 million (their target was $60,000) which has partially helped to fund the ad page. On the strict size requirements for banners, Fairey has said: ‘It’s a 12-by-22 spread, so you can take it out of the newspaper and hold it up’. The Los Angeles Times reports that the Foundation plans to use the remaining money to produce new posters that ‘highlight groups and causes that the incoming administration has marginalized’.

The posters are available to download here.

20 January 2017