Kehinde Wiley launches artist residency in Dakar

Application deadline: 15 April

Courtesy Kehinde Wiley and Black Rock Senegal

Artist Kehinde Wiley has announced the launch of Black Rock Senegal, a new residency programme for visual artists, writers and filmmakers based in Dakar. Successful applicants will be invited to live and work on-site for up to three months, with accommodation, board and individual studio space. The application deadline is 15 April for the inaugural programme, which will run from June 2019 to February 2020. Named after the volcanic stones covering Dakar's coastline, this cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural initiative will foster dialogue and collaboration between participants as well as with local artists, artisans and arts organisations.

Wiley, an African-American artist based in New York, said he first visited Dakar in 1997 and was enraptured by Senegalese language, food, art, culture, and tradition’. ‘As an Artist who works in the west I desired a space of renewal to explore new ideas and to create work outside of a western context – to create work within the context of my own lineage. Black Rock stands as the direct answer to my desire to have an uncontested relationship with Africa, the filling in of a large void that I share with many African Americans.’

See here for applications requirement 

20 March 2019