Florida pastor sent to jail over fake Hirst painting

Justice Bonnie G. Wittner of Manhattan's State Supreme Court has sentenced pastor Kevin Sutherland to six months in jail for trying to sell a Damien Hirst painting he had been told could not be authenticated

The case against Sutherland arose out of an investigation into Vincent Lopreto, an art dealer from Laguna Beach, California, who admitted filling eBay with Hirst forgeries,The New York Times reports.

Mr. Sutherland, an amateur art collector, bought several forged works from Mr. Lopreto, believing them to be real, but when Sotheby's refused to authenticate one of his works Mr Sutherland tried to sell it, along with five others he had bought from Mr. Lopreto, without disclosing Sotheby's decision.

20 May 2014