Taipei Biennial curators announce theme of 2020 edition

Taipei Biennial 2020 curators, Bruno Latour (R) and Martin Guinard (L) © Taipei Fine Arts Museum

The curators of Taipei Biennial 2020, Bruno Latour and Martin Guinard, have announced their curatorial concept and theme of the next edition of the exhibition. Titled “You and I don’t live on the same planet”— New Diplomatic Encounters, the biennial (hosted by Taipei Fine Art Museum) sets its focus on ‘society’s divisions on questions of ecology’, exploring the idea of confrontation and division through the main exhibition, as well as workshops and research projects. Taking it’s cue from 2018’s edition Post-Nature, which tackles ecological issues, “You and I don’t live on the same planet”—New Diplomatic Encounters will ‘engage in even deeper exploration of the interactions, dynamics and diplomatic tactics between human and non-human worlds’.

20 September 2019