David Hall, 1937 – 2014

The pioneering video artist has died

David Hall, TV Interruptions (7 TV Pieces): the Installation 1971-2006.  © the artist

David Hall has died. Initially working with sculpture in the 1960s – the Leicester-born artist was included in seminal Primary Structures exhibition at the Jewish Museum in New York in 1966 – in the he 1970s, Hall turned to moving image. Perhaps his most famous body of work is the TV Interruptions series. Originally commissioned as part of the 1971 Edinburgh Festival the vignettes depicted various actions, ranging from a burning television set to a running household tap, broadcast unannounced amongst the normal schedule of a Scottish television station. The desire to show art in unexpected circumstances or environments ran deep in his philosophy: alongside Barbara Steveni, John Latham, Barry Flanagan and others, Hall was the founder of pioneering artists' organisation Artist Placement Group, APG, which negotiated approximately fifteen placements for artists within industries such as British Steel and ICI, each lasting from a few weeks to several years.

21 October