Finalists for the Nissan Art Awards announced

Futoshi Miyagi, Notes from the South, 2015. Photo: Yuichiro Tamura

The seven finalists for the second edition of the Nissan Art Awards, in association with Camden Arts Centre, are Sayaka Akiyama (1971, Hyogo), Tsuyoshi Hisakado (1981 Kyoto), Takashi Ishida (1972, Tokyo), Takahiro Iwasaki (1975, Hiroshima), Futoshi Miyagi (1981, Okinawa), Yuko Mohri (1980, Kanagawa), and Tomoko Yoneda (1965, Hyogo).

Each finalist will receive one million yen (approx. £5,000), except for the Grand Prix winner, who is to receive three million yen (approx. £15,000), as well as the opportunity to live in London for two months.

The finalists will also be supported by Nissan in the coming months to produce new works, which will be shown in an exhibition in Yokohama (14 November – 27 December 2015). The winner of the Grand Prix will be announced on November 24.

22 June 2015.