Shanghai's Bank gallery forced to close

Chen Tianzhuo, PICNIC PARADI$E BITCH, 2014. Installation shot. Courtesy of BANK

Shanghai's Bank gallery has been forced to close following a notice of eviction from their premises in a state-owned building, The Art Newspaper reports. Bank was opened in 2013 by American curator Mathieu Borysevicz and hosted a number of exhibitions for established artists such as Xu Bing, Ai Weiwei, Zhang Enli, Paul McCarthy and Isaac Julien, as well as for emerging artists like Geng Yini, Double Fly and Chen Tianzhuo.  A recent policy that bans private businesses from renting state-owned properties has meant that the gallery will be closing on 19 June. Borysevicz has confirmed that they are looking for a new space where they can still 'be as anti-bling-bling and alternative as possible.'

22 June 2016