Shia LeBeouf stages four-year Trump protest performance

Jaden Smith (and friend) for HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US, 2017.

In protest against Donald Trump’s presidency, Shia LeBeouf, Hollywood actor, Transformers star and regular initiator of art-styled happenings, is inviting the public to take part in a live performance work outside the Museum of Moving Image in New York, Artnet reports. A camera installed next to the museum will film participants saying the phrase ‘he will not divide us’, streaming the live footage 24 hours a day, for the duration of Donald Trump’s first term as the president of the United States. HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US (2017) was conceived as a protest performance, the title of which is intended as a mantra that will provide solidarity and support. Will Smith‘s son, the actor Jaden Smith, was the first participant.

23 January 2017