Rare Candy and collaborators remove work from 9th Berlin Biennale

Rare Candy and collaborators' empty installation by Amber Wright. Courtesy Rare Candy.

Melbourne-based Rare Candy, a studio practice that works between art and commercial fashion, has removed their contribution to Centre for Style's Dress Rehearsal project in the 9th Berlin Biennale, artnet reports. The collective, whose collaborators include Alden Epp, Spencer Lai, Natasha Madden, Ander Rennick, and Amber Wright, reclaimed their installation which comprised of accessories, artefacts and a videowork from the show, citing a failure to indicate clear authorship of the work both internally from Berlin Biennale and externally in media coverage.

The collective expressed the necessity to 'resist the co-option of artistic labor that can occur when art is decontextualized from its community and repurposed to accommodate an overriding curatorial agenda'. 

23 June 2016