Man has to be rescued from giant vagina

American student climbs into public sculpture 'as a dare'

Photo: Erik Guzman / imgur

An American exchange student had to be rescued Friday by twenty-two firefighters in Tübingen, Germany, after getting stuck in a sculpture of a giant vagina, Russia Today reports. Though the student is believed to have climbed into the work as a dare, one local newspaper stated 'the young man felt the sculpture of the female vagina to be so attractive that he literally disappeared into it'. The 32-ton work, carved from red Veronese marble by Germany-based Peruvian artist Fernando de la Jara, Pi-Chacán, has been at the campus of Tübingen University for thirteen years and is not believed to have been damaged. The unnamed man is also understood to have been unscathed from his unexpected rebirthing.

23 June 2014