World’s ‘smallest’ biennial on Ilet la Biche, Guadeloupe

Biennale de La Biche 2017

Imagine this: bright white sand, peaceful blue waters, a gentle breeze sifting through the few mangroves dotted around a solitary ramshackle shelter off the coast of Guadeloupe. And the best bit? For those who haven’t suffered from the 2016 Biennial Burnout and can’t wait to get stuck into the jam-packed schedule of various biennials, a triennial and even a decennial this year, the Biennale de La Biche 2017 (which really is on said imagined island – aka Ilet la Biche) offers the chance to visit what is believed to be the world’s smallest biennial (and soak up some winter rays). The premise for this event is that ‘the location is a transitory place, [and] due to the rising sea levels, the island is in fact gradually submerging, and in a few decades, it is destined to disappear.’ In other words, visitors will literally be wading through those blue waters to see the works.

Curators and artists Alex Urso and Maess Anand have invited 12 other artists to join them for the first edition of Biennale de La Biche titled In a land of: Karolina Bielawska (PL), Norbert Delman (PL), Michal Frydrych (PL), Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson (ICE), Ryts Monet (ITA), Jeremie Paul (FR), Lukasz Ratz (PL), Lapo Simeoni (ITA), Saku Soukka (FIN), Aleksandra Urban (PL), Yaelle Wisznicki Levi (USA/PL), and Zuza Ziółkowska-Hercberg (PL).

24 January 2017