Nicole Eisenman’s work vandalised for the second time ahead of German elections

During the night of 22 September, Nicole Eisenman’s work for Skulptur Projekte Musnter was vandalised for the second time, according to a statement issued by the decennial show’s team. The work, which consists of a group of five androgynous bronze-and-plaster figures placed around a basin, was spray-painted with a swastika, a phallus and other signs. In the statement, the team condemns the act as ‘an attack against the values of the work, that shows a concept of ambiguity and non-normative body politics’, reflecting ‘a violence that homo-, trans-, and intersexual people have to face in real life everyday in many places’.

The attack happened on the eve of the German federal election on Sunday 24 September, which saw the far-right AfD party getting 13% of the vote, entering the parliament for the first time in history. 

25 September 2017