Wojciech Fangor, 1922–2015

The pioneering Polish op-artist and designer has died

Wojciech Fangor, installation view de Pury de Pury, London, Dec 2014 Wojciech Fangor. Photo: Andrzej Rybczyński

Warsaw-born artist Wojciech Fangor, who pioneered his own form of Polish op-art, has died, aged 92. Fangor, who spent time in Berlin and the UK before moving to the US, where he had a solo show at the Guggenheim in 1970, created compositions of simple shapes, whirls and waves using bright colours and blurred hazy edges, and also created installations of works that invited the viewer to explore three-dimensional as well as two-dimensional space. The artist, who returned to Poland in 1999, had a significant solo show of work from the 1960s and '70s at de Pury de Pury in London at the end of 2014.

26 October 2015