Copenhagen Contemporary reopens with Superflex and Doug Aitken exhibitions

Refshaleøen industrial area. © Katrine Jungersen Hansen

Copenhagen Contemporary, now permanently housed in a refurbished shipyard on Refshaleøen, has opened, The Art Newspaper reports. Following an eighteen-month pilot project initiated by Danish art collector Jens Faurschou and based on Papirøen, the institution was set up as a foundation and secured (mostly private) funding to buy the industrial Welding Hall north of the original pilot site. Copenhagen Contemporary will dedicate its 7,000 sqm space to large-scale installation art with an area that focuses on presenting contemporary art to children in engaging ways. The inaugural exhibitions will be presented by Danish art collective Superflex and American artist Doug Aitken. While Faurschou is the vice-chairman of Copenhagen Contemporary’s board, the programming will be fully organised by the institution’s new director and former interim artistic director of Tate Liverpool Marie Nipper. 

SUPERFLEX: One Two Three Swing! will be on show 29 June – 30 December

Doug Aitken: Song 1 will be on show 29 June – 30 December

28 June 2018