Julien Prévieux wins 2014 Marcel Duchamp prize

Julien Prévieux, What Shall We Do Next? 2007-2011, installation view. Courtesy Galerie Philippe Jousse

Paris based artist Julien Prévieux has been awarded this year's Prix Marcel Duchamp. Prévieux's work engages with and exposes the systems, structures and semantics of economics and technology and includes The Totality of True Propositions (Before), 2009, a bookcase of books on subjects rendered obsolete and What Shall We Do Next?, 2007-2011, an animation of hand gestures relating to American patents taken out for devices yet to be invented, such as laptops and games consoles. Prévieux receives €35,000 euros plus €30,000 towards the production of new work, which will be be shown at the Centre Pompidou in 2015.

The other finalists for the prize wereThéo Mercier, Florian et Michaël Quistrebert, and Evariste Richer. 

The exhibition by 2013 Duchamp Prize winner Latifa Echkach (and the cover feature of ArtReview's October issue) is showing at Centre Pompidou through 26 January 2014.

28 October 2014