Protestors demand 'decolonization' of Brooklyn Museum

Decolonize This Place protest, Brooklyn Museum, New York, 2018. Image via Twitter, courtesy @IanAlanPaul

The Brooklyn Museum, New York, was the site of a protest on Sunday 30 April led by activist movement Decolonize This Place. 

A banner was unfurled in the museum's atrium listing demands including 'Decolonize This Museum', while speakers accused the institution of failing to represent the local community. The demonstration called for the inclusion of artists and community organisers on the museum's board and a more diverse curatorial staff. The protest follows the publication of an open letter by Decolonize This Place in response to the museum’s appointment of Kristen Windmuller-Luna, a white woman, as its consulting curator for African art. 

Protests continued outside the museum, with calls for the resignation of the museum's director, Anne Pasternak and its president, David Berliner, a former real-estate developer.