Shigeru Mizuki, 1922–2015

The Japanese manga artist has died

Drawing from GeGeGe no Kitaro, by Shigeru Mizuki

Japanese cartoonist Shigeru Mizuki died in Tokyo at the age of 93, The Japan Times reports. Mizuki was known for his horror mangas series GeGeGe no Kitaro, about a young boy fighting yokai (the spirits and monsters of Japanese folklore). Mizuki started his career as cartoonist right after surviving WWII, during which he lost his left arm fighting in New Guinea. Most of his works take direct inspiration from his battlefield experiences, like Soin Gyokusai Seyo! (Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths, 1973) which gained critical acclaim internationally before receiving the Heritage Essential Award of the Angouleme International Comics Festival in France (2009). The popularity of his characters and stories have led to numerous TV and film adaptations, as well as to the creation in 2003 of a museum in his honour in his native region.

30 November 2015.