12th Shanghai Biennale announces theme for 2018

Power Station of Art, 2018

The chief curator of Shanghai Biennale 2018 Cuauhtémoc Medina, has announced the theme of this year’s edition: Proregress – Art in an Age of Historical Ambivalence. The 12th Shanghai Biennale, which takes place at Power Station of Art, promises to engage with wide-ranging topics such as ‘our relationship to the past’, feminism that battles ‘new forms of misogyny and gender violence’, ‘the geographical relocation of the industrial economy’, xenophobia and religious and cultural fundamentalism, climate change and the Anthropocene, in an attempt to explore the ways in which we experience the ‘present’ as a combination of contradictory trends and forces. Medina will co-curate the biennale along with María Belén Sáez de Ibarra, Yukie Kamiya and Wang Weiwei. 

31 January 2018