Liverpool Biennial venue hit by arson

The derelict Saw Mill was meant to host a work by Mark Leckey

Blazing Saw Mill, Liverpool, June 2016. via the Liverpool Echo

The Saw Mill, a planned venue of this year’s Liverpool Biennial, was badly damaged in what the authorities suspect was an act of arson, the Liverpool Echo reports. The derelict mill – former home to the nightclub Cream – was meant to host Mark Leckey’s film installation Dream English Kid 1964 – 1999 (2015), which is inspired in part by a Joy Division concert the artist attended in 1979, at the Liverpool club Eric’s.

The work has now been relocated to the Blade Factory, inside the restaurant complex Camp and Furnace. The Liverpool Biennial will run from 9 july to 16 October in various venues across the city.

4 July 2016.