Erwin Wurm and Brigitte Kowanz to represent Austria at 2017 Venice Biennale

Erwin Wurm, Narrow House, 2010 (installation view, Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg), mixed media, 1600 x 700 cm. Photo: Mischa Nawrata. Courtesy the artist Brigisste Kowanz, Now I See, 2010. Courtesy the artist.

Sculptors Erwin Wurm and Brigitte Kowanz will represent Austria at the 2017 Venice Biennale. Wurm is known for his often humorous sculptures that distort everyday objects, such as 'flattened' cars and 'narrowed' houses. In 2011 Wurm installed Narrow House (2010) as a temporary neighbour to the Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti in Venice. Kowanz is known for taking light as both medium and subject for her installations. Both artists are previous winners of the Grand Austrian State Prize, Kowanz in 2009 and Wurm in 2013.

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4 April 2016.