Artwork censored at museum inauguration

Kennesaw State University President orders the removal of an artwork from the inaugural exhibition of the Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum of Art

Just before its inauguration on Saturday 1 March, the Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum of Art (Kennesaw, GA) censored one of the artworks from its inaugural exhibition, See Through Walls, CBS Atlanta reports. The exhibition planned on featuring works by 14 local and national artists before Kennesaw State University President Daniel S. Papp ordered for the work by artist and professor Ruth Stanford to be removed from the exhibit.

The installation, A Walk in the Valley, addressed the connection of land with white supremacist author Corra Mae Harris, whose property had been acquired by the University in 2009. According to a statement issued by the University, the reason for the removal was that Stanford’s work ‘did not align with the celebratory atmosphere of the Museum's opening’.