US museum staff survey by Mellon Foundation shows progress on gender equality but lack of diversity

Race and ethnicity among museum curators, conservators, educators and leadership. Photo: The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Art Museum Staff Demographic Survey

A survey released by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation reveals progress in gender equality among US museum staff, while minorities are still highly underrepresented. Administered to 181 museums in partnership with the Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD) and the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) this spring, the research shows that women represent 60% of the staff, doing particularily well in curatorial, conservation, education, and other leadership roles, while minorities only make up 28%, most of them working in the security, facilities, finance and human resources departments. Non-Hispanic whites hold about 84% of the highest profile positions, with Asians at 6%, Blacks at 4%, and Hispanics at 3%, proportions that 'do not come close to representing the diversity of the American population', the foundation’s vice president Mariët Westermann noted. 

5 August 2015.