Niemeyer's Latin American Memorial partially destroyed in fire

São Paulo cultural centre loses some of its collection too

Latin American Memorial, São Paulo

A fire has destroyed much of the interior of the Oscar Niemeyer-designed Latin American Memorial museum and cultural complex in in São Paulo, BBC News reports. At least fifteen firefighters were injured as dozens of crews went to the scene.The fire started in the Simón Bolívar Auditorium at 3pm local time,v 4 December. The building, in the west of the Brazilian city, was empty at the time and no members of the public were hurt. The Memorial however has a permanent collection of works of art, and a library of over 30,000 titles, some of which was damaged, including, reportedly, the partial destruction of a giant tapestry by artist Tomie Ohtake and Niemeyer's original blueprints for the building.