Collector sues Woodward Gallery over Andy Warhol fakes

Andy Warhol, Space Fruit: Lemons, 1979

Collector Nira Levine has filed a lawsuit against Woodward Gallery, Artforum reports. The New York-based gallery is accused of selling fake Andy Warhol works to Levine after encouraging her to share an investment of $180,000 with them in prints from the series Space Fruit (1979). The authenticity of the prints had been thrown into doubt after some concerns were raised from a restorer’s report in 2014. Levine has said she believes the Woodwards falsified the documentation for the work following a confirmation from The Warhol Authentication Board that 63 of the prints that she copurchased were fakes. She is seeking a court order for all documentation of acquisitions for the rest of the 140 works she has bought from Woodward Gallery along with depositions on purchases from both John and Christine Woodward.

5 July 2016