Institute of Arab and Islamic Art to open in New York

Courtesy The Institute of Arab and Islamic Art. Photo: Lilli Rose

Sheikh Mohammed Al-Thani, the sixth son of the former Emir of Qatar, plans to open an Institute of Arab and Islamic Art in New York in May, The Art Newspaper reports. The 2,500 sqm non-profit space will host exhibitions travelling from institutions in Arab countries, funded by donors and sponsors.

‘It made absolute sense to build an institute that would not only showcase the breadth of art and culture from the Arab and Islamic worlds, but also challenge certain stereotypes and misconceptions that hinder cross-cultural understanding,’ Al-Thani says, referencing the current US political climate. ‘In a city with a mosaic of cultural institutions like the Jewish Museum, Asia Society, Swiss Institute, Whitney Museum of American Art, and many more, I was exposed to art from all over the world in this one city,’ he added. In addition to hosting exhibitions, the institute will run a residency programme, produce publications and offer translation facilities. The exact venue is yet to be announced.

6 March 2017