Arts Council England risks ‘additionality principle’ as it uses Lottery money to support regular revenue funding

Arts Council England map, courtesy Arts Council England

Arts Council England (ACE) has announced a 2% cut to its core funding for cultural organisations from 2015/16, which will also see Lottery money used for regular revenue funding of the arts for the first time, The Stage reports, an issue highlighted by J.J. Charlesworth in the September 2013 issue of ArtReview.

From 2015/16 to 2017/18, ACE will use an estimated £60 million of Lottery money annually to help fund its national portfolio organisations. The move threatens to breach the 'additionality principle', which was established when the National Lottery was launched and which declared that 'the government does not intend that the money provided from the Lottery should substitute for that provided in other ways… the government will not make any case by case reduction in conventional expenditure programmes to take account of awards from the Lottery proceeds.'