Theme and curators of Athens Biennial announced

The critic and curator Stefanie Hessler and art theorist and artist Kostis Stafylakis will curate this year's Athens Biennial alongside its founding director Poka-Yio under the title of Anti. In a statement the curators set out a series of questions including 'How does opposition play out today?' and 'What kind of identities does it forge?' The curators expanded on theme, explaining that their exhibition, which comes a decade on from the Greek financial crisis, will deal with the 'phenomena of normalization of opposition and non-conformity, from politics to web culture, from videogames to Netflix, from Zizek to Rihanna.' Though no artists have been announced the curators have confirmed 'that over '100 international artists, media creators and theorists' will participate.

The biennial opens 26 October.

8 May 2018

around the title of Anti,