Off-space No 19: Castillo/Corrales, Paris

Laura McLean-Ferris visits the collective, artist-run organisation that runs successfully on a combination of favours, fundraising and the sheer energy of the group

By Laura McLean-Ferris

Claire Fontaine, Untitled (Thank You), 2004. Courtesy Catillo/Corrales, Paris Seyoung Yoon, Sun Shades for Cars (Exterior). Courtesy Castillo/Corrales, Paris

The first time I had a meeting at Castillo/Corrales it was a busy Saturday in the Belleville gallery and the artist David Douard was looking after the space, fielding questions about the exhibition and manning Section 7, the in-house bookshop. “Just go upstairs and make yourself at home,” Douard said. “Do some work, use the computer, make coffee, whatever… Just make yourself at home.” So I did. I made my way up the narrow stairs to the flat (which houses…

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