Off-space No 17: Am Nuden Da

Oliver Basciano, from the December 2013 issue

By Oliver Basciano

Kerstin Brätsch, Sol per Sfogare il Core (Painting as Monster), 2013, Bomarzo, Italy, 31/7/13, one of five exhibitions in the Am Nuden Da series Let’s Not Dispute the Useless. …

What is Am Nuden Da? Well, it is three people. Individually they are artists. Pretty simple as a definition, really. But we’re not here to talk about them as individuals, so don’t think all is resolved quite yet. When they work together as Am Nuden Da, it gets more complicated: the collective’s output can at times be described as a gallery space, a curatorial entity or an artist’s collective, and in each of these roles it has operated as both facilitator and agitator.…

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