Documenta against Democracy?

J.J. Charlesworth argues that Documenta’s top-down structure echoes Greece’s fraught relationship with the EU

By J.J. Charlesworth

Stencil in the Omonoia district of Athens, 2016. Image: Licensed under Creative Commons: aestheticsofcrisis

The current Documenta 14, headed by curator Adam Szymczyk, is titled ‘Learning from Athens’. The Kassel-based quinquennial’s extension to the Greek capital opened in April, while the Kassel mainstay opens in June. It would be fair to say that Szymcyzk’s Athens experiment hasn’t been met with universal praise – beyond the professional artworlder complaints of a sprawling show that’s hard to navigate, bare-bones information accompanying works and little notice of who or what was in the show until days before,…

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