The Rise of the Gnomons

Maria Lind, from the October 2013 issue

By Maria Lind

Petrit Halilaj, I’m hungry to keep you close. I want to find the words to resist but in the end there is a locked sphere. The funny thing is that you’re not here, nothing is, 2013, mixed media, dimensions variable. Photo: Atdhe Mulla. Courtesy the artist

Anne Tyng (1920–2011) was obsessed with geometry. Throughout her professional life as an architect and
theoretician she attempted
to find ways to inhabit it. Not only
did she design and build the first
habitable space-frame construction, she also influenced and
possibly coauthored some of the
most exquisite geometric spaces of twentieth-century architecture. As a collaborator and lover of Louis Kahn, she made a distinct mark on buildings signed by him, for example the outstanding Yale University Art Gallery (1953). Together they authored the visionary City Tower…

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