Self-reflective self-portraits, uncanny installations and sing-songs round the fire

Sequences VI Real Time Art Festival, Reykjavic, 5-14 April

By Oliver Basciano

Ragnar Kjartansson, Self Portraits From Room 413 (detail), 2013. Courtesy Sequences A performance by Úlfur Grönvold. Photo: Bartlomiej Glowacki for Grotta Zine and Sequences Rebekka Erin Moran, don't stop now, cuz we're havin' a time, 2013. Courtesy Sequences Ragnar Kjartansson, Self Portraits From Room 413 (installation view Hótel Holt), 2013. Courtesy Sequences

It’s a bit disconcerting to come out of your hotel room and discover a queue of people waiting outside a neighbouring room. The establishment seemed respectable enough when I checked in. In reality there was nothing tawdry going on: these were punters waiting to enter, one-by-one, Hans Rosenström’s sound installation, one of a number of works and performances that took place around Reykjavik as part of the city’s biannual Sequences ‘Real Time Art Festival’. Saturday night was the penultimate one of the…

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