The End of Human Experience

J.J. Charlesworth on speculative realism, accelerationism and the anthropocene, from the Summer 2015 issue

By J.J. Charlesworth

Pamela Rosenkranz, Our Product, 2015 (installation view, Swiss Pavilion, Venice Biennale). Photo: Marc Asekhame. Courtesy the artist

Once art gave up on a self-contained aesthetics as a method of giving itself meaning, it entered into the business of importing meaning-giving theories from elsewhere; Marxism, psychoanalysis or poststructuralism, to name just a few, have all marked contemporary art over the last century. If art picks up on the intellectual preoccupations of its time, it’s no surprise that one of contemporary art’s latest critical trade-ins should be in the emerging fusion of the ‘object-centred’ philosophical thinking of speculative realism,…

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