What do we mean by 'AIDS art'?

Dan Udy looks at how the history and legacy of what has been called ‘AIDS art’ resonates within art today

By Dan Udy

Your Nostalgia Is Killing Me!, 2013, poster by Vincent Chevalier and Ian Bradley-Perrin

This past March, when Hillary Clinton claimed that the Reagans started a ‘national conversation’ about HIV/AIDS, the backlash was swift. As anyone remotely familiar with American history knows, the opposite is true: Ronald didn’t say the word ‘AIDS’ in public until 1985, after over 10,000 Americans had died. Within hours Clinton said she ‘misspoke’ before issuing a more extensive apology the next day, but for a brief moment her attempt to rewrite history catapulted HIV/AIDS into main-stream political discourse. In…

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