Wanted! Apps

Hettie Judah searches for acquirable, desirable objects, at the intersection of where art meets fashion and design. This month: Artist Apps

By Hettie Judah

Last Clock, 22:46:50 After football game, BBC2. © Copyright Jussi Ängeslevä, Ross Cooper & Danqing Shi, 2012 Athena Hunter and Lika Bosman in Somebody (2014), dir. Miranda July, courtesy of the artist and Miu Miu © Miranda July, Somebody App, web graphic Miranda July, Somebody app, 2014 © Energy Flow, by Field © Energy Flow, by Field © Together, by Universal Everything, Barbican, London 2014

Miranda July’s Somebody (2014) is a short film in the winsome misfit mode that self-identifies as a promo for an eponymous messaging app. The film follows brightly costumed child-adults as they struggle entertainingly with emotional minutiae before turning to the Somebody app to deliver verbal messages through their choice of a third party – ‘When you can’t be there… Somebody can!’ as the strap line runs. The Somebody app exists to download in the real world, and is described by July as a kind…

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