Wanted! Artist Books

Hettie Judah searches for acquirable, desirable objects, at the intersection of where art meets fashion and design. This month: Artist Books

By Hettie Judah

Matthew Brannon: An Irresponsible Biography Of The Actor Laurence Harvey, 2014. Three Star Books Sara McKilliop, Argos 1976 Joël Tettamanti: Works 2009–2019. Benteli, 2014 Helen Douglas: In Mexico: in the garden of Edward James, We Productions Giphoscope, Officina K, Turin

(Scroll through to see images of all products)Hello old-time medium of printed books! Greetings to you from the (no longer particularly) new medium of the blog! As with the title-providing metaphor from the film Catfish (2010)* it’s tempting to imagine that new media has had a nippy, invigorating effect on the world of book publishing and stopped it from becoming too flabby.** The fun technological toolbox is changing the form of the printed book, and as the constantly self-fascinated, self-digesting world…

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