Adam D. Weinberg

Director of the Whitney Museum of American Art

By now Adam Weinberg has settled into his new $760m home – what the institution has taken to calling ‘the New Whitney’ – which opened just about 18 months ago on the most prime of prime real-estate in Manhattan. With a Frank Stella retrospective safely out of the way, and an experiment with Laura Poitras proving that all art, no matter how political, can be rendered passive and pliant within the museum’s walls, the Whitney is sitting pretty. A long-overdue Carmen Herrera retrospective is underway, and the museum is looking ahead to the first of its storied biennials to take place in the new building this spring. Some 1.3 million people visited the Whitney in its first year, crushing the museum’s attendance projections and supposedly creating a bit of a problem with the Whitney’s $200,000 water bill, which went unpaid for a year because someone forgot to fill out the change-of-address form with the city, or some such. Weinberg surely had other things on his mind, like poaching David Breslin from the Menil Drawing Institute in Houston to serve as curator and director of the Whitney’s collection. Weinberg’s Whitney is an increasingly difficult place to say no to.