Alain Seban & Bernard Blistène

President and director of Pompidou Centre, Paris

Beaubourg sails on, with a new five-year pop-up Pompidou opening in early 2015 in Málaga, Spain, cocommissioned exhibitions around the world and a host of monster shows in its Paris mothership and Metz satellite. The elegant boots of Alfred Pacquement, the omnipresent director of the Pompidou since the 1970s who departed last year, have been ably filled by longtime Pompidou player Bernard Blistène, who curated his first shows at the centre during the early 80s and has run the museum’s annual Nouveau Festival since 2009. The only question: what are Alain Seban’s plans? Will the career bureaucrat, who took over in 2007 and is now the institution’s longest-standing president, move back into the purely political fold – or does art now run too thick in his veins?