Almine Rech

Gallerist with spaces in Paris, Brussels, London and New York

Having last year added a second London gallery and a New York space to a mini-empire that spreads to Paris and Brussels, Rech this year settled into a programme that included solo shows by big-name artists (many of whose markets are bouncing back) such as the late Tom Wesselmann, Julian Schnabel and Anselm Reyle; that introduced Dansaekhwa artist Ha Chong-hyun to new markets; and that mounted more experimental exhibitions, such as one by musician-artist Ryoji Ikeda and a group show organised by gallery artist DeWain Valentine that showcased work made from plastic (titled, simply, Plastic Show). In May in New York, anthropologist Carlo Severi was brought in to stage Imaginary Ancestors, a museumlike show surveying the relationship between Primitivism and Modernism. The latter, naturally, featured Picasso, whom the gallerist had paired with Alexander Calder to inaugurate the US space in 2016 (Rech has good connections with Picasso’s estate: she is married to his grandson, Bernard).