Almine Rech

Gallerist with spaces in Paris, Brussels, London and New York

Rech is assiduously doing what gallerists just below the mega-gallery echelon do. She’s nurturing her key artists: Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, James Turrell, Francesco Vezzoli, etc. She’s getting in outside curators to present museological shows of, this year, Arte Povera photographs, Cuban modernist sculptor Agustín Cárdenas and a Norman Rosenthal-curated comparison of Neo-Expressionism and contemporary painting. And she’s finding young artists. The wheels are turning, sure, yet that Rech is currently holding a ceramics-themed show in New York – some time after seemingly everyone else picked up on the resurgent medium – feels apropos: her gallery often ticks boxes drawn by others. One positive sign, though, is Rech’s pronounced tilt towards painting. While many big galleries have become structureless boutiques, her support for a single format – and young firecrackers like Genieve Figgis – is something others might learn from.