Amanda Sharp, Matthew Slotover, Victoria Siddall, Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell

Art fair directors partnering with a big-money Californian entertainment agency

When the ‘partnership’ between Frieze, the fair business run by Sharp and Slotover, and sports and entertainment agency Endeavor (formerly WME-IMG) was announced last year, details were scarce. This year the impact of the US company’s purchase of a 70 percent stake in Frieze became apparent, with a drive towards digital (and even talk of selling art through virtual reality); hence the arrival onto the list of Emanuel and Whitesell, CEO and executive chairman respectively. ‘The content opportunities are endless,’ an Endeavour representative enthused, ‘...especially as it relates to bringing the Frieze brand home to the consumer.’ In the fair aisles, overseen by Siddall, London is king: Frieze Masters commands respect critically, and the original contemporary fair pulls the kind of galleries that have not fully embraced the New York edition.