Anne Pasternak

President and artistic director of New York's art-commisioning powerhouse Creative Time

Highs and lows for Creative Time this year. Kara Walker’s A Subtlety (2014) at the Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn, a giant sugar Negress posed like a Sphinx, was both critically lauded and incessantly, sometimes offensively Instagrammed. A tricky moment arrived when over 100 artists and intellectuals, including Lucy Lippard and Walid Raad, signed a petition calling for artists to withdraw from ‘Living as Form’, a Creative Time exhibition put together by the organisation’s influential chief curator, Nato Thompson, which toured to the Technion in Israel, a university and research centre connected to military technologies then being used to bomb Palestine. Black Radical Brooklyn, four projects set around Weeksville, a community centre in Brooklyn, met with a warm reception, however, highlighting an important history while creating artist-led community projects.