Anton Vidokle, Julieta Aranda & Brian Kuan Wood

Founders of the e-flux website, and its various art projects

Seventeen years after they set up e-flux as an online mailer for exhibition announcements, the founders of the irrepressible, unpredictable curatorial/publishing/fill-in-the-blank platform are keeping the pot boiling in several senses. The exhibition updates, of course, continue; e-flux Journal, now eight years old, remains a monthly go-to read for art theory heads (recent issues have seen sharp-edged essays by, among others, Donna Haraway, Douglas Coupland, Claire Fontaine and, of course, Hito Steyerl). This year saw the arrival of e-flux Architecture (in collaboration with Nikolaus Hirsch), expanding the breadth of e-flux’s reach and opening new avenues in its attempts to engage with the social. Perhaps in connection with that, in March e-flux announced plans to rectify the lack of good artist bars in New York by opening a café/bar in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill. With wi-fi, no doubt.