Ari Emanuel, Victoria Siddall, Amanda Sharp, Matthew Slotover

British art fair directors and US entertainment mogul

With Frieze art fairs, set up by Sharp and Slotover, now majority-owned by Endeavour, the LA entertainment-content giant headed by Emanuel, it was perhaps only a matter of time before the art fair (and magazine) brand, which runs Frieze London and Frieze Masters (in London) and Frieze New York (where an overheating tent prompted a 10 percent rebate of fees to every exhibitor, not enough to mollify some, who threatened legal action) under Siddall’s direction, turned its attention further west. In February Frieze announced a new LA edition, slated for February 2019, to be held at Paramount Studios, a boutique affair (60 or so galleries, against the 150-plus behemoths of London and New York). But size is only one factor when considering the synergies that beckon: after all, if you can get Pharrell Williams to turn up for your breakfast briefing, it won’t be B-listers shopping.