Beatrix Ruf

Director of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Ruf’s first year as director of the Stedelijk Museum has been characterised by jobs for her chums – or at least shows for artists the curator has shown a firm commitment to in the past. Luckily for the good people of Amsterdam, Ruf, a former choreographer who turned art curator in 1994, has a knack for picking artists of critical importance. Tino Sehgal has a yearlong retrospective in which a different live work is staged each month, with performances every day from the museum’s opening to its close; Ed Atkins, the artist who brought the curtain down on Ruf’s 13-year tenure at Kunsthalle Zürich, showed in February; and Liam Gillick, with whom Ruf sits on the ‘core group’ of Maja Hoffmann’s LUMA Foundation, made an interactive, family-friendly project for the city’s Museumplein in June. Ruf is also enjoying having an acquisitions budget for the first time: the first work she bought was Zwei Lampen (1994), by Isa Genzken, who has a show at the museum in November.