Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung

Energetic initiator of eclectic, internationalist gallery-laboratory

Founder of Berlin’s eight-year-old Savvy Contemporary – an art space, discussion centre, food-and-drink hangout and general theoretical laboratory that turns hospitality into a cultural-political issue – the Cameroonian curator has perhaps had less time to spend there lately. Ndikung, who also holds a PhD in medical biotechnology, was curator at large for this year’s Documenta, where his conceptions of productive uncertainty shaped the show, as did his aim to undermine a North/South dichotomy within the artworld, a desire that has long shaped Savvy’s own internationalist programming (the space was formed to be a place in which Western and non-Western art could communicate on an even footing, without the latter being framed in colonial terms as ‘exotic’). This year, the exhibitions and symposia there kept the intellectual bar high, including group shows variously considering the political situation in Poland and the implications of revered filmmaker Harun Farocki’s Germanisation of his name.