Chang Tsong-zung

Collector, gallerist, curator and pioneer in championing in contemporary Chinese art

To describe Chang as a gallerist (his Hong Kong gallery, Hanart TZ, celebrated its 30th anniversary this year with Hanart 100: Idiosyncrasies) is rather like calling a tiger a relative of a domestic cat. Most people call him a pioneer, in the light of his work – both in terms of research and exhibition organisation – in reviving Chinese art, while Chang himself is likely to think of himself as more curator than dealer. ‘In a way,’ he told Art Radar journal earlier this year, ‘the gallery has become one of the multiple platforms I operate.’ Other platforms include the Asia Art Archive (which he cofounded), the China Academy of Art (where he is a guest professor) and the China Club in Hong Kong (which hosts the collection he put together with David Tang). And who was on hand at this year’s Art Basel Hong Kong to introduce Anselm Franke, the then-recently announced curator of the upcoming Shanghai Biennale? Chang, of course.