Daniel Buchholz

Cologne, Berlin and New York-based gallerist making careers

Buchholz continues to run not the biggest but probably the chicest gallery in Berlin, while also steering sites in New York and Cologne. His key artists sit at the intersection of credibility and commercial appeal: Wolfgang Tillmans, Tomma Abts, Danh Vo, Sergej Jensen, Isa Genzken, etc. Buchholz seems resistant to the expansionism du jour, preferring to branch out in other ways; this year, for example, saw a Berlin show for the archive of anthropologist Michael Oppitz and a New York presentation of Paul Bonet’s gorgeous, near-abstract geometric drawings for bookbindings, selected by gallery artist Florian Pumhösl. This was risky in a way that the latter’s own show in Berlin – featuring a vendible selection of slight variations on one sculptural form related to roofing – emphatically was not, a reminder that Buchholz must occasionally balance his more outré ideas with straightforward collector bait. Still, Galerie Buchholz remains an uncommonly class act.