Daniel Buchholz

Cologne, Berlin and New York-based gallerist making careers

If you were looking for the cool kids this year then you could have found them in one of Buchholz’s galleries in Cologne, Berlin and New York. In September the achingly hip Anne Imhof had a show in Berlin; in February Heji Shin showed her portraits of Kanye West (fresh from their outing earlier this year at Kunsthalle Zürich). The cool middle-aged people were represented there, too: an exhibition of Michael Krebber’s austere works in May ‘still managed to piss people off’, reported Artforum. But it was a dead cool person who really stole the limelight in 2019. In the early 1950s, Andy Warhol collaborated with author Ralph Thomas (‘Corkie’) Ward on a series of self-published books. The first of these, A Is an Alphabet, a collection of 26 loose pages that feature Warhol’s cute illustrations and Ward’s weird rhymes – ‘a surreal, horny fairytale’, as Interview succinctly described it – went on show in Berlin before travelling to New York.