Daniel Buchholz

Cologne, Berlin and New York-based gallerist making careers

Daniel Buchholz doesn’t do anything before the time’s right, and the creaky floor in his Berlin gallery, which he opened 22 years after his Cologne space and seven years before his Manhattan one, evidently isn’t quite noisy enough to warrant fixing. (He opened his first space in 1986: do the maths.) But, and despite Buchholz saying of their New York expansion in 2015 that they’re ‘too old for Brooklyn’, those time-worn planks are the only thing around him really showing their age. The gallery continues to move smartly with the times, representing young movers like the Venice-wowing Anne Imhof, precisely quirky painter Caleb Considine and rising video star Loretta Fahrenholz. Meanwhile, if you diagrammed recent influences on sculpture, photography and painting, most of the lines would lead back to figures like Mark Leckey, Wolfgang Tillmans and Michael Krebber – all of whom happily tread Buchholz’s boards.